Job Vacancy Family Law Legal Assistant (In Office)

Job title: Family Law Legal Assistant (In Office)


Job description: Akiona Law Divorce & Family Law Firm Seeking Rockstar Legal Assistant!


1) Are you a Rockstar Legal Assistant with superior organization and time-management skills looking to join a fast-paced Team where you can thrive?

2) Are you north of Seattle and looking for a shorter commute?

3) Are you professional and courteous to Team members, clients, potential clients and others?

4) Do you see mistakes as opportunities for growth and self-improvement?

5) Do you love taking initiative and have a positive attitude?

6) Do you laugh at yourself and see humor under appropriate circumstances?

If you answered “yes” to all six of these questions, you may be the Rockstar Legal Assistant we are looking for! We are a small, but busy and rapidly growing, divorce & family law firm in downtown Everett. There are eight of us on our Team. Some team members work remotely, and some do a hybrid of remote and in office work. For the Legal Assistant position, we are looking for someone committed to working in-office.

The above six questions align with our firm’s team core values listed below:

Team Core Value 1

COMMUNICATION: Clarity. Understanding. Intentional.

We communicate to help us connect with one another, provide clarity and understanding, exchange meaningful information, share ideas, and identify opportunities for collaboration. We are present, mindful, and intentional in our communications with our Team members and our clients. We keep our Team members and clients “in the loop” about what we are working on, or what we are doing. We want our Team to feel their time is valuable, they are productive and efficient, and their activities/contributions are relevant.

Team Core Value 2

COLLABORATION: Strategize. Knowledge. Improvement.

“Two heads are better than one.” Two people thinking and working together can solve a problem and come up with better solutions than one person working alone! AkLaw Team members work together to learn, grow, and improve our skills and mindset through strategizing, providing encouraging and constructive feedback, and taking action. Each AkLaw Team member is dedicated to suggesting new ideas of increasing our efficiency, Customer Service, and Culture.

Team Core Value 3

AKLAW HUI (“hoo-wee”). Appreciation. Respect. Encouragement.

“Hui” means team in Hawaiian. At Akiona Law, all team members are of equal value and deserve the same level of care, respect and attention—regardless of their job title. We show appreciation and courtesy for our fellow Team members to cultivate and contribute to an atmosphere of mutual respect. In our interactions and relationships with our Team and others, we do not exaggerate or boast our own individual successes. Instead, we are quick to praise our Team’s contributions and successes. We lift each other up and support one another to best serve our clients, ourselves, and our Team.

Team Core Value 4

INTEGRITY: Transparent. Honest. Accountable.

Integrity means we are open and transparent in our actions and intentions. We do the right thing, even when it won’t be acknowledged by others. It’s imperative not to compromise our integrity—even in minor or trivial situations with no obvious negative consequences. We hold ourselves accountable to our fellow Team members. We accept when we are wrong, admit our mistakes, take ownership of their repercussions, and we provide an action plan for resolution!

Team Core Value 5

EXCELLENCE: High Quality. Intentional. Mindful.

High quality and perfection aren’t the same. High quality does not mean our work has to

be perfect. It means we are getting the work done and we are doing it well! We set reasonable expectations for our clients and exceed them. We are present, mindful and intentional when working on a client’s matter. Little details matter to our clients. Our clients love it when we correctly spell their names and their children’s names. They notice when we don’t!

Team Core Value 6

COMPASSION. Active Listening. Empowerment. Value.

We are compassionate and engage in active listening with our clients. They are going through a painful and difficult time in their lives, and they may be emotionally reactive as they are upset, sad, or hurt. They are also probably anxious and fearful. We keep this in mind in dealing with our client and exercise kindness, patience, and tolerance. If we put our client’s needs first, the rest will follow. We put our clients’ needs first by actively providing them with information about their case. Our clients love to hear what we are doing to move their case forward! This helps in eliminating uncertainty for our clients, it empowers them, and it provides our clients with value, which equals excellent service!

Each AkLaw Team member is open to new ideas of increasing our efficiency and Culture. AkLaw Team members are committed to learning, growing and improving our skills and mindset through feedback and taking action.

Required Qualifications:

  • Excellent customer service skills;
  • Work in Everett, Washington office;
  • Professional appearance and positive attitude;
  • Active listener who independently and creatively problem solves for solutions;
  • Exceptional organizational and time management skills;
  • Comfortable clarifying and verifying task priorities when given multiple assignments by different Team members;
  • Confidently adapts, multitasks and works well under pressure and with deadlines in a fast-paced environment;
  • Enjoys working independently with minimal supervision;
  • Takes pride in producing high quality work product and is detail oriented;
  • Intentionally and efficiently communicates with Team members, clients, potential clients and vendors;
  • Ability to sort and prioritize client’s, potential client’s and vendor’s communications promptly;
  • Proficient with Microsoft Office suite: MS Word and Outlook;
  • Family law Legal Assistant with one-year (or more) experience or an Associate Degree.

Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Greet the occasional in-person client, potential client, opposing party/counsel, third party and/or vendor and determine purpose of in-person visit or phone call (if unscheduled);
  • Review, respond and forward emails to appropriate parties and save received emails to client e-folder;
  • Gather information from and follow up with clients, potential clients, opposing party/counsel, third parties, and vendors;
  • Maintain office in a neat and tidy condition;
  • Order, maintain and put away office supplies, restock copy machine with paper, organize office scratch paper for use in copy machine, change water cooler bottle, use disinfectant wipes to clean shared office equipment and wipe down commonly touched office surface areas daily with disinfectant wipes;
  • Communicate with building management when services are needed;
  • Actively engage in legal Team daily huddles and weekly firm meetings;
  • Run errands as needed;
  • Assist with special projects.

Assist Legal Team with the following Legal tasks:

  • Prepare basic documents, court pleadings and correspondences;
  • Proof read correspondence for grammar, spelling, punctuation, capitalization, and correct case number and parties;
  • Print and copy documents, prepare documents for court filings (hard file and e-file), file documents at court, and e-file documents with court;
  • Prepare pleadings/documents for e-service, U.S. mailing, and/or legal messenger service to opposing party/counsel and third parties
  • Prepare legal messenger slips and correspondence transmittals.

Assist Legal Team with the following Administrative tasks:

  • Contact legal messenger for personal service when necessary;
  • Check legal messenger bin twice daily (AM & PM);
  • Check mailbox daily (PM), date stamp incoming documents, scan and save all incoming documents to appropriate location, and contact appropriate Team member about same;
  • Process outgoing mail;
  • Utilize Odyssey to search for cases and download pleadings;
  • File and circulate documents, arrange for recording documents in public record; obtain documents/files from courthouse or other locations, close client’s hard file, and save to client’s e-folder.
  • Contemporaneous time keeping using PracticeMaster;

Assist Intake Specialist with the following Administrative tasks:

  • Scheduling initial consultations and other appointments with attorneys or paralegal
  • Scheduling, coordinating and calendaring meetings and case deadlines in Firm’s calendars;
  • Creating potential client’s and client’s e-folders;
  • Data Entry.

Marketing Tasks:

  • Suggest thoughtful gifts and “Thank You’s” to referrals and others who have gone out of their way to help us; or, for potential clients and clients in appropriate situations;
  • Engage in Social Media in a positive and supporting role to the firm and to amplify the brand and amazing fun, vibrant Culture of the Firm.

Additional Duties:

  • Create and engage in a Team approach to get more done in less time;
  • Create efficiencies through developing and refining the Firm’s systems including, policies and procedures, examples, templates, scripts, diagrams, work-flows, and videos;
  • Analyze statistical information to understand how we can be of maximum service to our clients and the time we spend doing same;
  • Enjoys networking opportunities with colleagues and community members to build the reputation of Akiona Law and the Team in our community!

This is a full-time or part-time, in-office position; hourly pay DOE.

To be considered for the Rockstar Legal Assistant position, you must send:

1) Resume;

2) Cover letter describing your relevant experience and hourly pay expectations in PDF format.

3) Two – three work references (one being your direct supervisor/manager);

4) List of your Social Media handles.

If you do not follow these instructions, you will not be considered!

Expected salary:

Location: Everett, WA

Job date: Fri, 22 Jul 2022 01:56:59 GMT

Apply for the job now!

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